Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How I can assist you.

Revised my write for my radio show and the same ideas apply to private sessions. Love to give you more information on how I can help you.
Channeled messages and coaching to inspire you and bring joy.
This show is about channeled messages and coaching from Adonis (the name of spirit teachers) and you ancestors.
 The intent is to give you guidance for improving all relationships: lovers, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. 
I want to guide you to create more abundance in the all areas of your life. We determine what changes you need to create abundance. Based on the principles of the law of attraction we review your resistances to abundance . My teachers will help you build the vibrational match of your desired abundance.
Humor is one of my valued assists, so I approach all sessions with humor. Maintaining your joy is most important.
With the aid of my Spirit group and your ancestors I help you, look into your future and review your past lives.
Studied and practiced for over 25 years as an Intuitive,Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics and have been a student of the law of attraction for the last 20 years.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One word can make a difference..

Sometimes one word can make a big difference in understanding an intent. I Changed the title of my regression work to regression healing sessions. The healing part is very important. It's about healing the wounds from the past: emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. All sorts of wounds are carried forward from either our childhood or from a past life. False and negative beliefs about ourselves, from our past, are carried forward to the present day. These beliefs grow, our compounded and validated through a life time. The result being we limit ourselves from fulfilling our purpose and living our bliss.
My mission is to inspire, motivate, and teach you how to let go of those limiting beliefs and then live your full potential.
It truly is healing the past so you can live a happy and productive life.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Regression Therapy Special

Intuitive Life Coaching using regression therapy
To teach, inspire, and motivate you to greatness
I design each session to benefit your particular needs.

This is a safe and comfortable approach to healing the past.
Whether it be for an emotional, spiritual, or physical assistance you need.

Why have a regression therapy session?

Let go the feat of dying and loss.
Discover and change beliefs from your childhood, that are limiting you now.
Gain spiritual insights from a both personal and Universal perspective.
Release emotional and physical pains from a past life.
Strengthen your belief in your eternal self.  
Discover a deeper understanding of current relationships.
Confirm your life purpose and why you choose your career.

I use my over 20 years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and teacher of mediations to guide you through the process. The actual therapy portion is channeled from my Spirit group. 
Sessions are live or on video chat using Skype, Google+, or Facebook Messenger.
$90.00 for full session and half for $50.00

A special offer for a regression therapy session  

I really would enjoy helping you with a regression therapy session, either to childhood or a past life.
I am making a session available at an amazing  price, I am offering the first session at $30.
The session is about 45 minutes. 
We can do the session by video chat: Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Google +

Let me know if your are interested.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Life goes full circle

Life goes full circle

It's interesting how life can take a full circle. I started my quest to help people and get a deeper understanding of my spirituality by studying  channeling.
That initial undertaking lead me to explore various other spiritual modalities. I went through a shaman apprenticeship program, then onto being attuned in two different forms of Reiki. My more formal training was as a clinical hypnotherapist and  degrees in metaphysics. The last 10 years I have studied and practiced the use of the law of attraction.
While going through my training and studies I continued to give various types of psychic readings.
Each one of those adventures in spirituality help me define myself.
Back to where it started, on my radio show I've increased my channeling to the point where it's about all I want to do for people.
There is something about stepping into the background and letting the Adonis group speak through me. The energy I receive from them is, to use a word, delightful.
The messages are so clear and full of love. When they're speaking through me, I feel their energy. It's hard to explain in words but the best way I can describe it is as if a beautiful, gentle, wise, and loving personality is using me to spread messages of compassion and love to all that are listening.

I invite  you to experience this for yourself. You can either listen to them during my radio show or contact me for a private session with the Adonis group.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Thoughts about a national religion.

In my youth I attended a very conservative church, they believed in a very literal interpretation of the Bible. If you didn't adhere to their strict interpretation of the Bible, you could taken off the church roster. It went beyond that, other members where not allowed to speak to you or if worked for a member of the church they would find a reason to let you go. A good thing is that they didn't seek political power to push their will on non-believers. 

My fear is that we are headed in that direction  where those with political power may try impose  their very conservative Christian beliefs on non-believers. There are many coming into power who believe that being a Christian should be the state religion, not just a Christian in general  but those who believe in a very conservative interpretation of the Bible. Their belief is that laws of the land should include repressive and archaic  Biblical laws. 

Who should be concerned about this possibility? Liberal Christians  who don’t accept a lateral  interpretation of the Bible. Jews (yes jews) who don’t accept Jesus as their personal savior. Lets quickly go though the rest of the possible list: New Agers, Wiccan's, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. The list could way beyond that to include: agnostics, atheists, New Thought religions, psychics, and Mediums. That even would  include those who break the moral code of their Bible, watch out Hollywood. 

How far could this go? If you want work for and do work for the Federal government. If you work for a private employer who believes in these laws. In either case you could denied employment. Yes, even If you or your  company  breaks these religious laws, you could  be subject to criminal charges.

You laugh and say this could never happen. Take a look at history. Germany in the 1930s is one  example. You don’t have go that far back, look at early 1950s in this country with the Red scare. Look at current countries where there is conservative state religion. It could happen. 

Know what your Congressperson believes. Beware of any moves that direction. Take action early to cut off the movement.  I lived in that kind of system and never want to see it happen to the country.