Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Part two Messages from Source
Presented by spirit guide Sara

Let's step beyond the material things and relationships and look at the other benefits of manifesting. Stress is necessary for you when you need motivation, but can also be destructive to the body,  soul, and spirit. Stress lowers your immune system which opens you up to various ailments. Most of you are aware of this effect, so we don't have to go into details. One key point is that by raising your vibration to match that of Source is needed to bring yourself into a balanced  vibrational state. This protects your heart and other body systems with high vibration. What brings your vibration down to an unhealthy level is negative habits and influences that are part of your day-to-day activities. When we speak of habits we are speaking of habitual habits and your attitude about your habits. A glass or two of wine can be either a positive or negative habit. Why do you drink alcohol, smoke, or take other substances in your body?
This is about attitude. Ask yourself why is it that you use these things to relax; to enjoy fellowship with others or to escape from your problems? If your habits are to escape from your problems you will never escape. All you will do is push your problems down into the subconscious, which in turn amplifies a negative belief that you are holding. When your habits are continuously pushed down your worries and problems will continue. The outcome of suppressing your worries and problems is that they will at some point they will resurface in your mental or physical being. Mental and physical disease being the result of burying your worries, problems, and fears with destructive habits. The medical and holistic practitioners have been telling you this for thousands of years. We have a healthy way for you to reduce your worries and fears and problems, which we will discuss later.
A brief thought on reducing problems and fears. As we stated, your vibration can greatly influence both mental and physical health. Even your negative habits can also be influenced by creating a adjusted high vibrational state. 

You have a difficult day at work so what do you do to relax and recover? Do you let your vibration slide even lower or have a mindset to raise your vibration and begin healing? Do you sit down and watch the evening news with your favorite beverage or do you take a walk in nature? Do you spend time with the friend and complain about the world or  engage in constructive creative hobby? Do you seek out laughter and humor or continue to worry about your problems? By simply choosing to engage in positive uplifting activities you can begin to reduce your fears and anxiety, which in turn will assist in the healing process.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Messages from Source Presented by spirit guide Sara Part 1

Welcome to the flow. As you enter and stay in the flow, the Universe/Source opens up to you and all others who are willing to stay in the flow.
So what is this flow we are talking about? It is a vibrational connection to higher dimensions. That all sounds rather mystical but it is not.

As you know all life vibrates in a frequency range. You humans vibrate in a very measured range. When you move away from the physical realm and into the nonphysical realm your vibrational patterns change, actually to a much higher vibration. The vibration can be like the auditory vibrations you hear, once the frequency reaches a certain octave humans can no longer hear them. When you enter the nonphysical from the physical the pattern  shifts from a physical based  material vibration to a nonphysical vibration.  It is similar to quantum physics where a  proton can appear as both material and energy. 
In our nonphysical state we are a form of energy that is way beyond your light spectrum.

You have a limited ability to alter your vibration, but do we have the ability to use the full range of vibrations, from the dense physical forms to that of source. That source energy is a composite of all vibrations.

Back to the concept of the flow. The vibration we are speaking about is your highest vibrational state and that matches a vibrational condition we set up and arrange so that you can be in vibrational harmony with nonphysical. You are able to create a conscious state where you can revel in our vibration when you reach and stay in this state you are now in the co-creative place with source.

Being In a high vibrational state opens up many doors for your future. This vibrational connection to Source creates state magnetic force field to attract what you want in life. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Excerpt from my book I am working on, Messages from Source.

We were asked to discuss the political system and our thoughts on that. From our perspective the choices you make are your choices, they reflect your mass consciousness, and the current vibration that you're putting out into consciousness. What we mean by that is, the vibration you put out based on your thoughts and your feelings attractive and create a mass subconscious vibration that will attract a match to  the energy that you're putting out. That feels like a very obvious statement, but the results can create  unintended consequences for your society.
If as a mass consciousness what you are sending out is a low vibrational request for change based on present fears, what will be returned to you is low vibrational answers which will either worsen the situation or maintain the status quo.
The solution, as we see it is to raise your vibration. Lift your vibration to appreciation, love, joy, for other high vibrational emotions, then you will attract people who offer solutions from a high vibrational place. How do you know that you are attracting high vibrational people and solutions? Actually it's very simple listen to their words and feel their emotions. Do their speech patterns include high vibrational thinking? Are there words about love, compassion, kindness, and caring or is their speech revolved around anger, fear, and negative aspects of society? Feel their emotions, are they reflecting love and compassion or fear, distrust, and anger? Do their thoughts and emotions paint a hopeful future with cooperation and respect or do their thoughts evoke fear and  dread?

It is your choice, it is always your choice. Societies get to choose the vibration they want to live from. Choose a love based vibration or a fear-based vibration. When you select leaders that should be your litmus test, what is the predominant energy love or fear.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How I can assist you.

Revised my write for my radio show and the same ideas apply to private sessions. Love to give you more information on how I can help you.
Channeled messages and coaching to inspire you and bring joy.
This show is about channeled messages and coaching from Adonis (the name of spirit teachers) and you ancestors.
 The intent is to give you guidance for improving all relationships: lovers, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. 
I want to guide you to create more abundance in the all areas of your life. We determine what changes you need to create abundance. Based on the principles of the law of attraction we review your resistances to abundance . My teachers will help you build the vibrational match of your desired abundance.
Humor is one of my valued assists, so I approach all sessions with humor. Maintaining your joy is most important.
With the aid of my Spirit group and your ancestors I help you, look into your future and review your past lives.
Studied and practiced for over 25 years as an Intuitive,Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics and have been a student of the law of attraction for the last 20 years.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One word can make a difference..

Sometimes one word can make a big difference in understanding an intent. I Changed the title of my regression work to regression healing sessions. The healing part is very important. It's about healing the wounds from the past: emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. All sorts of wounds are carried forward from either our childhood or from a past life. False and negative beliefs about ourselves, from our past, are carried forward to the present day. These beliefs grow, our compounded and validated through a life time. The result being we limit ourselves from fulfilling our purpose and living our bliss.
My mission is to inspire, motivate, and teach you how to let go of those limiting beliefs and then live your full potential.
It truly is healing the past so you can live a happy and productive life.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Regression Therapy Special

Intuitive Life Coaching using regression therapy
To teach, inspire, and motivate you to greatness
I design each session to benefit your particular needs.

This is a safe and comfortable approach to healing the past.
Whether it be for an emotional, spiritual, or physical assistance you need.

Why have a regression therapy session?

Let go the feat of dying and loss.
Discover and change beliefs from your childhood, that are limiting you now.
Gain spiritual insights from a both personal and Universal perspective.
Release emotional and physical pains from a past life.
Strengthen your belief in your eternal self.  
Discover a deeper understanding of current relationships.
Confirm your life purpose and why you choose your career.

I use my over 20 years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and teacher of mediations to guide you through the process. The actual therapy portion is channeled from my Spirit group. 
Sessions are live or on video chat using Skype, Google+, or Facebook Messenger.
$90.00 for full session and half for $50.00

A special offer for a regression therapy session  

I really would enjoy helping you with a regression therapy session, either to childhood or a past life.
I am making a session available at an amazing  price, I am offering the first session at $30.
The session is about 45 minutes. 
We can do the session by video chat: Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Google +

Let me know if your are interested.