Friday, July 10, 2015

What is the plan?

Here's a question I have for my conservative friends, actually anyone concerned about the planet. Let's start with the assumption that climate change is not man-made, but a natural reoccurring cycle of the earth's evolution.
Whether you believe in man-made climate change or not; you cannot dispute the fact that the oceans are warming, ice melt is taking place, and sea waters are rising.
All you have to do is look at the pictures of the earth over the last 20 years and you will see remarkable changes in the amount of ice in certain locations. Greenland's glaciers are falling into the ocean, Arctic and Antarctica are warming and ice is melting at a rapid rate. Sea levels are rising and that's a documented fact. It is also a documented fact that ocean temperatures have been rising over the last 20 years.
The question is what is your plan; when large cities on the east and west coasts are being taking back into the ocean? What is your plan before Miami, New York, and Los Angeles become submerged in ocean water?
It is not a question of if this will happen, but how soon will it happen?
If you go by the most conservative forecasts, you’re only talking the next 20 to 30 years.
I have a newborn grandchild and I would hate to see a world where she has to grow up in total chaos caused by the effects of climate change.
So my question again for my conservative friends; what is your plan to mitigate the damage of climate change, even if it is not man-made?
Actually if you listen to scientists who believe that we are at least partially responsible for climate changes based on carbon (CO2) being pumped into the atmosphere; we are past midnight, there is no turning back the clock. The damage is done and there is no reversing the effects of climate change. The effects will continue on to the earth finds a balancing point.
So the question again; not only just for my conservative friends, but all of us and all in government, what is the plan to mitigate the effects of this catastrophe?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A blog on truth.

Truth is an interesting word and concept.  Through the ages humans have been seeking absolute truth. You argue over what is truth. You wage wars to defend your truth.  You build societies and religions around your idea of truth. 
My thought to you is that truth is not absolute.  Truth is a very subjective. What you call truth will change with the evolution of your societies. Since your beliefs are described as a presentation of your truth, when your beliefs swift with your understanding of the world your truths will also move with your beliefs.
Why bring up this topic? As I stated much of your conflicts are started and maintained to defend you truths.  As a society that is seeking to be more enlightened, more aware of raising consciousness, I want to look at the word truth from the eyes of Source.
According to your agreement with Source you came to this planet to experience, create, and take back with a more advanced soul. You gave yourself the fee will to develop your societies with the ability to adapt to the advances in your creation, experiences, and knowledge.  You agreed with Source that your beliefs and truths would also adapt with your advancement. 
Source energy is not a stagnate energy. Source learns from your and all other experiences. Sources will grow as you grow. Remember all is Source energy.  We are all individualized aspects of Source.  
This interconnection allows massive growth.  The sharing of information and experience advances the entire Universe on an upward spiral. When you decide to stick to a truth as absolute and unchanging you retard this growth.
Let me give an example from your history.  Many in your society help the truth that humans will never be able to fly. They even held the belief that flying goes against Gods’ will.  The truth for most of the Universe was that leaving the confines’ of their native planet was part of their expansion and part of their need to experience.  You had privy to that information in your consciousness, but holding to that simple that truth, that we cannot or should fly like a bird held you from developing that ability for many generations.
There are many other examples in all aspects of your society where held truths that are nothing more that superstitions created by leaders to control the population. 
I suggest that you look at truth and the corresponding beliefs as flexible, they change as you growth.  Source would appreciate that you celebrate these changes. As you are willing to change your viewpoints and adjust your truth, Source will expand. Your expansion as a race advances the growth of all beings.  As you are willing to adjust your truths to the quickening of your evolution you lift your consciousness and the consciousness of all Source energy.
But are there any absolute truths? Let me give you a short list of absolute truths. You are spirit beings using a human body. When you leave the body you will return to a place of unconditional love.  There is no judgment, you learn from your experiences and grow at your own pace. You will continual to reincarnate, choosing to experience the expansion of your being in many different forms and experiences. The Universe which includes physical and non- physical will continue to expand, never retracting.  Your planet will continue to provide a home for your race till your sun stops providing what is needed to maintain life.  Source energy has only unconditional   love for you and has given you complete freedom to experience.  What you experience is shared with all beings and through your consciousness you have the ability to learn from all of life.
Experience, create, learn, and always be open to evolving your truths.

This is the fourth in the series

Dialogs with Jesus
J:  A cure for all cancers has been found. The solution for global warming is ready to be implemented. All major and minor problems of your society have solutions.  It is true that you hold many of the answer in a laboratory, tucked away in some mind, or in a book. But many of the solutions are ready to ready to be presented to mankind, but you are not ready for the answers.
Let’s review how you receive the answers to many of your questions.  You propose a problem in meditation, prayer, or other form of entreaty.  The vibration of the question is received by your guide.  Depending on the nature of the question is responded to by your guide or passed on for further review.
G: I was taught that your higher consciousness fields the question and receives the answer from the collect unconsciousness. It is if your higher consciousness receives the answer from a cosmic computer.
J: All questions and answers are filtered through your higher consciousness. Going back to what I was saying, but I will reframe the answer to address your question.  There is what you would call a Universal mind or in other words Source energy. Your guide and all non-physical are directly connected to this mind. They have access to the information in this mind based on their vibration state.  Not all information vibrates at the same rate.  Questions about handling day to day activities will vibrate at different rate as those about more profound concepts.
You ask if this is a good choice for a new job. Your guide will review all the information about the position; your life chart and will give you an answer based on these and other properties.  One important factor that comes into play is your vibrational state. If your vibration is at very slow rate you will receive an answer at a matching vibration.  Back to our example, if the rate of the information is at a higher level than what you are vibrating then you will either not receive the answer or the answer will seem garbled.  I hear the comment all the time, “my prayer was not answered”. The prayed was answered but the person was not vibrating at level of the answer.  To get the clear answers to questions asked you must be vibrating at your highest level.  You can tell how you vibrating by your emotional state.  If your state is depression you will only comprehend answers that match that vibration. How to raise your vibration is a topic I will discuss in a future session.
All question and problems have been answered. The Universe has developed answered for all your concerns. There is an answer for all disease.  There are solutions for the global warming issue. You as mass consciousness have been asking for answers for all your global issues. Spirit has taken your issues and addressed your problems.
I want to walk you through the process of how spirit assists you in solving your problems. You raise the concern on a global scale, spirit in takes the problem and presents the problem to Source energy.  Then groups of spirits are assigned the problem.  The class room illustration works well here. A group of spirits is asked to take part in a problem solving exercise. They form a group as if in a class room or laboratory. Each group will have leader who is a very high vibrational being. Each one of the group will have their own expertise based on past life experience and research though the mind of Source.  They create a model for the problem. In the case of global warming they made a holographic model of Earth. They project to the model the various scenarios that could happen if certain actions are taken.  After a multitude of scenarios is played out they present their solution to Source energy. Source energy will offer suggestions and present them to the group.  The next step is for group leader is break down the solution into components that will presented to the various guides.  This information is then presented to individuals who will implement the solution on Earth.
As I stated before the solutions are generated for each problem that is being presented on a global and individual scale. The reason you don’t see this being translated to your human condition is humanity itself. All information is vibrational. The answers come in vibrational waves.  It is necessary to be in vibrational harmony to receive the information.  Even if you are in harmonic alignment with the answers you need to totally accept the answers given and be willing to push against the resistance in society.
 A scientist you may receive the information necessary to make the break through.  But the system creates doubt that this new miracle will be placed in the environment.  They hold back, slip in the low energies of doubt and fear.  The situation grows worst from inaction.  Your planet is handling much of the inspiration it is being given in this manner.  The answers are there all you need to do is to raise your vibration to receive and use them.  
How do you as an individual or group that accept this concept use these ideas to make an impact on the planet?  Meditate on the raising vibration of those can implement the inspiration. If you are in a position to use your guidance ask your “helper” to open the path for change.  Teach this concept, the more that understand how it works the more the vibration will raise to make change. You most know that the changes come about. The answers are all ready to be used. The question is do you want to quicken the pace of change by being part of the movement or do want to sit on your hands and have to come back to  address the issues in another lifetime?

Third in the series of Dialogs with Jesus

Dialogs with Jesus 07/28/09
A child is playing in the rain. As the rain falls the child laughs with glee as the rain drops on its’ tongue. There are joyful cries of pleasure as the child runs though and splashes in the mud puddles. The mother when seeing the events runs to stop the child from ruining their clothes. She mumbles under breath words unfit for a child for to hear.
Young lovers sit on a train enjoying the delays, knowing   this gives them more time to be together and share the moment and their journey.   All the while the business man behind them grows more and more impatient. He continues to look at his watch and ignores the beautiful nature scenes he is passing through.
The older couple meanders through a lovely park setting; they stop and smell the flowers. He picks a flower and places it in her hair remembering all the loving times they have spent together. The joggers nearly run them over as they move through the park unaware of the beauty that surrounds them.
Who are you in each scenario? Can you be childlike and play, even in the rain?  Are you open to love and express that love openly without reservations? Is life a beautiful park (paradise) and are you willing to partake in that beauty each day?
I find by observing your planet, you are more about doing than being.  You spend your lives caught up in building your structures instead of stopping and enjoying the beauty inherit to the Earth.  Somewhere you have lost your sense of balance. The balance between following your passions and appreciating what you have.
Source energy has given you this marvelous gem to appreciate, play with, and care for.  This is not yours’ to rape and decimate. But then again this is your choice. You have the free will to do with the planet as you like. There will not be a judgment for your actions, only lessons learned.
I need to remind you of the agreement you made with Source when you chose to create and incarnate on Earth. Your agreement was to: explore the planet, study the various life forms, and use the resources in a respectful manner. If you go back to earlier civilizations they understood this agreement and help true that intent. There are people even at this time in your history who understand that agreement in their souls.
What has caused this disconnect? The answer is disconnecting from Source energy. For the most part you are a religious people, but your religions fail to tell you of this agreement.  They in their own pursuit of influence and wealth have put themselves between you and source.  You are left with writings that foster control and self-determination. 
To get back to the main thought in this discussion, it now time to reconnect directly with Source and start appreciating the Earth. Go to your soul; meditate on your connection to Source. Take the time to stop and appreciate what was created for your enjoyment. The agreement is in your heart.  Ask Source to open you heart to it.
Be like the child and enjoy the rain. Be in love with humanity and your Mother Earth. Don’t wait to stop, smell and protect the flowers.
You have free will to use the planet as you will, but remember your contract with Source is to preserve and defend this planet and all its resources.

The second in series in the dialogs with Jesus.

Dialogs with Jesus
Before we move on to another subject I wanted to offer more clarity on the process of using, standards, routine, and being comfortable.  You might think of standard as an odd choice of a word to describe your values, goals, and desires.  One definition of standards is:  those morals, habits, established by authority, custom, or an individual as acceptable. In this process of creating the life you value standards are the, desires, habits, and morals that you are reaching to achieve. During a life span these will swift and adjust many times, as you experience life and reach out for new growth.
Routine is the pattern that is set up to reach these desired results. These are the activities that are established to reach your standard. Much of routine is a thought process. It is the routine of using thoughts that pulls into your life the goals. The process is changing the routine of your thoughts to vibrate with your standards. This is where the “helper” comes to your assistance. In meditation or prayer you ask for guidance to help you reach each desired manifestation. Your “helper” will begin to introduce to you the physical and thought activities to put in a place where establish the desired routine.
Comfortable is your emotional state in this process. As you move from setting standard to creating a routine you seek to stay in an emotional comfortable place. You can descript this place as a state of well-being, love, joyful, and peaceful state.  If you are out of alignment of being comfortable as contemplate your desired standard you feel uncomfortable about that choice then it is time to rework the standard to feel comfortable. The same is true with routine, it most feel comfortable to achieve the desired results.
Perhaps an example would be helpful to understand this process. You family has outgrown your home and you seek a new domicile. You agree as a family on the type of home would feel comfortable for your growth. In a family meditation you present any areas those feelings of discomfort. Through your “helper” you receive guidance on adjustments that are necessary to bring you back to a comfortable state. Remember your family, regardless of how big or small, is an organism that needs to maintain its’ own standards, routine, and comfort.  You can apply this principal to communities, regions, and countries.
Through your family inspiration you arrive at new standard for your home that feels comfortable to the family. Perhaps one of the members has to increase their income or the inspiration is that group needs to take a closer look at family budget.
When you set the standard the next step is the routine. Again through family meditation/prayer you are presented, by your “helper”, the routine to achieve your standard. At his point you most feel comfortable with the presented routine. If one or more of the family is not comfortable then it time to reconnect with the “helper” to gain clarity. Always allow love to be the guiding emotion in this process.  
Guidance from your “helper” will come in many different forms. You may get harmonic thoughts among the group, all having similar thoughts. Synchronicity could start to happen to the group, where you start getting signs that point in a specific direction. Whether the direction comes though one or many in the family; there needs to be a comfortable state for all members, before you can move forward into your new standard.
There are many teachers who present material on the subject of manifesting; my purpose is not to replace their methods. Use this process in conjunction with any other system you find beneficial. My emphasis is that you are not alone in your desire to creative the life you want. As I have stated you have a “helper” to assist you.
Use the process in making choices. Learn to connect with your “helper”, to receive the guidance you need to be in vibrational alignment with your standards and routines.  Play with the process. Seek out others desire to learn and use the process. Meet in groups to practice the meditation portion of process, meditate with people who have a common desire. Ask for a group “helper” to assist you achieve your individual and group standard, plus routines. Groups who meditate together amplify the energy and receive clearer guidance than individuals. Most of all have fun; seek love, and a comfortable state.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This the first in a series of channeled material under the heading of Dialog with Jesus

Dialog with Jesus
First I want to say that I am not here to change your beliefs, systems, or policies. This is your planet and your lives, and it your mission to create your own path. What I am here to do is give you ideas on, perhaps, different ways of doing life.  Thoughts and ideas I present are in alignment with higher consciousness. Take what you like, knowing there is only love being expressed.
Why did I choose George to do this writing? I would say that in his human experience we are in alignment in much is what is being presented. Judge for yourselves if these words are from a teacher who is from non-physical source.  The source of the words is not as important as if they resonate with your inner being. Let the words sit on your heart and feel if there is truth in what is being stated. In your own inner being you know your truth, do these words match your truth.
I bring these words to you at this point in your history because you are going through a transition from a low consciousness to an enlightened state of consciousness. An Enlightened being is more and more aware of living by the inner being that you really are. You can’t call this a second coming because I have never left you or my teaching of you.  This has nothing to do with historical dates, only has to do with the quickening of your vibrational state.  I encourage additional dialog, with this writer or others. I open to all your hearts. Keep asking and you get the answers.
As you will be presented in this material you society is evolving and what is relevant today may not apply in another century. These words are for a moment in your time, keep what applies and be open to new thoughts and ideas from your expanded consciousness.

G:  What do think of religions that use your name?
J:  They all serve a purpose. Religion is a cornerstone of humanities existence.  Without some form of religion to give structure to lives, they would drift through life.  On the other hand much of what is said in my name is a mistranslation and speculation. I spoke in metaphors, much of my words where not to be taken literal.  I abhor the actions of people who use my name to stir hate.  My purpose was not to create a new system but to help show humanity a way to self - glorification.
G: Please expand on that term self- glorification.
J:   It is help you remember who are.  You are not sinful beings who have to find salvation. To sin is to miss the mark, you miss only miss the mark as to your self - glorification. You are gods in your own right. Missing the mark is not accepting your god ship.  As gods you create your worlds. As gods you connect with all other gods.  As gods you transcend your human form and learn to live on both sides of the veil.
J: My name, let clarify the thought. The name they use, Jesus, is only one human expression of my being. As my spirit self I am referred to by other names, both from other incarnations and my spirit home. Jesus is not my favorite name, I prefer the name Adonis.  What is in a name?  Why Adonis, because it gives the energy of youth, beauty, and god ship.  Youth and beauty are not vain when we speak of our
Natural state of being. When you leave your present body and venture to your spiritual, if you choice to appear in a physical form you will be beautiful and youthful. NO human is ugly; you all have beautiful physical form.  If you choice to show an exterior ugly form that are because you allow the low vibrational state to dictate a less desirable physical presentation. 
There is another reason for the name Adonis.  The concept is of a being that transcends life and death. On lives then dies and lives again.  Remember death is just a transition.  You move from one form to another then another then another. You always repeat this cycle.  I am not a static being. I am always changing, growing, moving into and out various forms. Not all of these forms are physical. I change form much like you would change the clothes you wear from one day to the next.  I take on new energies to test, play, and learn. 
I set an example for you. I admonish you to test, play, and learn.  You can’t change bodies, even if some of try to radically modify your bodies. What you can change is your emotions and pattern of life. Don’t get caught up in the notion that you most live your lives in one set pattern.  Experiment with life, change jobs, finds your passions. Move to different locations, learn new traditions, and experience new people.  Change religions and try new customs.  The expression is mix and match. I would say one of faults of your society is you get too conformable, set in your ways. Remember there is no judgment for experimenting.
All that Source (God) is going to ask you is “Did you have fun? Did you seek happiness and your passions? Did you love and show compassion to others?  Where you open to new? 
G: What about starting a new religion or those who start new religions?
J: First off don’t put my name on it. Call it what you want, but don’t use the name Jesus. Other than that have fun. Have a million religions.  There is no one true faith. All belief systems serve a purpose for a period in your evolution. If you are going to start or be a part of a group to play, learn, and grow, then remember to be open to change. Know the group down the road has beliefs no better or worse than your group. Cross pollinate, share ideas and customs. If you feel it is getting to large to serve your needs then start something new. A caution, never give over control to a group, when you feel that the group is starting to control thinking and actions, then move on. 
In reality each person is his or her own religion, because each person has a connection to the divine to guide their lives.  You come together to commune, play, learn, love, and grow. In the end it is you and Source alone.
Religion in the past gave order to societies, but now as consciousness develops the purpose shifts.  That swift is to a sharing of ideas, learning to experience joy, tapping into ones’ happiness, and learning new experiences.  The form is more like a joyful playful family who meets to party, play and learns from each other.  How each form is developed is up to you and the group.  I understand people have tendency to want power, if that is your intent then stay in one of the old systems. These systems evolved into power based structures.  New groups (families) share power. Each person is empowered according to their abilities.  Each person brings to the group their needs and the talents to help others’ needs.
G: Many of my clients ask about life purpose and Identifying there life purpose. What would you say to a person who is seeking to know more about their life purpose?
J: You come into each life time with a general plan or purpose.  You can call it a life script.  Let me explain it this way. You wrote out the outline of your script before you came into this current life time and your have agreements with all the “actors” to play roles in your play. So that you can play the role and fulfill your purpose you bring in certain talents or what could call gifts.  You have developed and carried these tools from life time to life time.  You are now ready to begin your play. As you go through your early years start to awaken those talents and discover how to use those talents in your current society. 
Within your inner being is that purpose which you set up for the life time.  As you explore your talents and gain knowledge about using that talent you start to open to your purpose. Your purpose is not a specific career.  Your purpose is in alignment with your primary gift and your secondary gifts.  Perhaps you came into a life time with the gift of music.  As you develop with age you begin to refine that talent into a use of music.  This talent can then branch off in many different directions.  You can teach, perform, write, or use it to inspire. In this example of music let’s go a step further that your purpose is to use music to inspire others to improve their lives.  You are at a place of discovery of how to use this talent.  Many of you would then voice “How do it tap into my purpose?” You have the components. You know your talents; you know how society uses those talents.  You tie this into your purpose by using your connection to your inner being to reveal your purpose in relationship to your talents and life situation.
A note to understand is that purpose can adjust as you go through your life time.  As you and society evolves, your purpose will change based on these changes.  Your purpose is not fixed, it is malleable.  You rewrite your script as circumstances adjust.
What I would I tell your clients are to discover and develop their talents? With the personal growth they will reveal more about their purpose. I would admonish them to connect with their inner being to isolate what that purpose is in relationship to their current life situation.  Then you tell them to continue to connect to that inner being to adjust that purpose based on current conditions.  You will know when to connect when you begin to feel frustration, boredom, or anxiety about your current state.   Don’t wait when you begin to feel these emotions, connect to your inner being and get direction.
G: Explain this inner being and a connection with it.
J:  You give that part of you many different names. You call it soul, higher self, atman, and other names. It is the part of you that resides for eternity.  The part of you that continues after the physical body falls away.  In your physical form you bring a portion of the eternal self with you, but the greater part of you resides in the non-physical.  I like the illustration of an ice berg. The physical is the tip of the ice berg, the inner (greater) part of you is the ice berg is below the surface.  In your self-glorifation you come to understand that concept and pull from that greater part of your answers and guidance. The word inner refers to the fact this self is just beyond you consciousness.  When you meditate, in one its’ various forms, you connect with this inner being.  Through meditation and various spiritual practices you bring this inner being to the surface.  Dance, sing (chant), practice yoga, pray, be in nature, meditate; all these practices and many more, will bring to the awareness your inner being.  In simple words be in the state of joy and you vibrate with your inner being.
G: I have question that has bothering me for some time.  Is there really destiny?  Are all our lives mapped out?  Using that term script is out life script written out and unchangeable.  Is there free will? Is what we call free will only part of this written script? When we believe that we are changing our future by manifesting a change, is the change already written? As the actor in our play only living by fixed script?
J: Yes and no. Perhaps may be. What do you believe?
G: I believe we can make modifications to our script. The outline is written out and the players in life have agreed to that outline. Many of the details are set but we can modify them.
J: Many believe as you do, but many believe various other versions of how their lives are to be played out.  This is your play, there is not right or wrong. If many believe there is destiny then there is that for them. If you believe that you can modify then you can. The Universe is malleable it adjusts to your beliefs.
You have heard it said, everything is happening in the now. Past, present and future are happening now. There is truth in that statement, but for one slight revision.  As I said this is your play, you change the past, present, and future if that is your desire.  An event happens in the past and it has traumatic effect on your present and future.  You want to change the present, so you go into your subconscious and modify the event or the emotional effect of the event.  The Universe will now realign your present and future.
The mass consciousness has a little different point of view on all this. You as a life form love your history. You love to document, debate, and rehash your history. The more and more you tell the same stories the more and more it gets fixed in you mass consciousness.  I will tell you this, if you as a mass consciousness would look at an event from a different point of view. Put it into your mass consciousness with a different outcome, the Universe would slowly realign your present to match your new history.  Try that with friends or family who share an event.  Make it a conscious choice to see the outcome with a different outcome. Hold that intent for a week and the Universe will realign your present to match your new outcome.
Okay what if someone has died in an accident, you morn their death, can you change the outcome so they are still with you. It was their free will to leave the physical and they are preparing for another reincarnation. So they will not come back as they where, but there life force will come back in another form and not always as a child.
As you play with the Illusion of the past, you change the energy of the present. The players may not look the same but the stage will begin to feel and look different as the Universe begins to change the play based on your rewrite.  I would recommend as a mass consciousness that look at your past and begin to see the present as if you changed the effect of the past.  You are concerned about global warming, as you take action to fix the problem, also start to mediate on the past on how it could have been different and the Universe will bring about the change to the present and future you prefer to see.
New life forms will begin to appear and the effects will begin to repair themselves.  You will begin to see the present as how you envision it.  One catch to all this, you need mass consciousness to do this. This means you need about ten percent of the population. Start aligning about 600 million people and you make the changes quickly.  All humor aside, as raise the mass consciousness even in smaller numbers you can modify the present.

Channeled video from my Spirit guide